Saturday, April 16, 2011

Party Hearty

We had quite the weekend again! Looks like a habit is forming, no such thing as a boring weekend around here!

Last night we got a babysitter (thanks Mandy) and went to a surprise birthday party for our friend Devon. We were all supposed to meet at the restaurant at 6, and his wife Jessica would bring him at about 6:10. Problem.... we were late. We pulled into the parking lot and Justin said, "Hey! We parked by Jessica!" She had just gotten out of her car one row over. In the same instant, we both realized, "Oh no! Devon's with her! Run!"

We tried to run down the aisle of the parking lot unseen, but we had to walk past their row in order to get to the front door of the restaurant. Jessica decided in the moment to play it off as a coincidence. She shouted to us and we all tried to play the "Whoa, hey! You're here too? Whoda thunk?!" game. After the hostess started to lead them to their table, we walked up and whispered, "We're with them, he's the surprise birthday boy", and followed them. I think it made the whole surprise even funnier.

We had a delicious dinner and then went out bowling. It was awesome! It's been a while since we've been bowling and it was so much fun! Girls played on one lane and boys on the other. In the first game my friend Julie and I were beating all the boys. I choked the last frame and barely lost to one of them, but Julie made up for it by being the overall winner for the first game!

By the second game we were all getting a little tired and loopy. Except Justin apparently. He bowled 4 straight strikes! We had a great night with friends!

Only to wake up early this morning to help friends move. It was a sad day, our best friends, Cameron and Corynn, who lived just a few doors down, moved a whole 3 miles away! The worst part? They're not in our ward anymore. The silver lining? They're only a few minutes away and they moved to the neighborhood with the awesome pool and splash pad and they have a pool key now! It's been a crazy busy day helping them move and we'll certainly miss having them just a few doors away.

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