Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'm so Happy

As I was sitting on the computer just now, Carrie came over to me and in a whisper, said, "Mom I'm going to go to the backyard. You come take a picture of me ok?"

How could I say no? I followed her outside and started snapping pictures of her jumping off the two inch drop from the patio to the dirt. She was so proud of herself.

Winding up...

In the air!

Toppling a bit after a tricky landing

After about ten minutes of taking pictures, she got distracted and went to play with something else. I was just sitting in the dirt in the middle of the yard looking through the pictures on the camera when she walked over and started stroking my hair.

After a second she leaned in, gave me a little squeeze and said, "I love you". It was so cute and unexpected, and although I was a little startled by it, I responded, "I love you too sweetie".

Her reply? "I'm so happy mommy."

It may be slight overreaction, but I was overwhelmed by that! We're doing something right as her parents! For her to say something that sweet and sincere, unprompted by us, is amazing to me. It made my day! What a blessing she is!


Love Bug Bows said...

That is SO cute! There are no better words in the world to hear from your child than I love you. Hope all is well!
Tom, Em and Elli

Julie said...

Those jumping pictures are adorable!!