Saturday, April 23, 2011

Skunked, Literally and Metaphorically

Friday morning started out with Justin and a friend going"keg hunting". Every year a local radio station hides empty kegs all over the valley and if you find one, you get a prize. Some are smaller gift card type prizes, and usually the grand prize is $1000. This year was the 10 year anniversary though and therefore the grand prize was $10,000.... So Justin left the house at 3am to spend a couple of hours searching before work.

While they were out searching the washes by our Walmart in the middle of nowhere, Justin heard a rustling noise behind him. He turned around and was startled to see a skunk walking toward him. He took a few steps trying to figure out what to do when the skunk started to charge him! The only way to get back to the car was to go where the skunk had just come from. He ran!!! Unfortunately the skunk had apparently just sprayed and Justin walked through the cloud. He didn't get sprayed directly, but oh boy..... it still smelled.

Since he only had a half day at work he (and his coworkers) just stuck it out. By the time he got home at 10:30 the smell had multiplied. After two showers with a baking soda and peroxide mixture, it was better. We've had to scrub his keys, wallet, & rings especially. The stink really sticks to metal.

The day got better though. After Carrie went down for her nap, I got ready and went into town by myself to go to Target. It was awesome. I wanted to find a cute cardigan for Easter for myself and had a couple of last minute Easter basket things to get for Carrie too. The best part was, the cardigan I ended up liking the best (out of 7 I took into the dressing room) was the one that was on clearance for 50% off! Yeah for bargain shopping!

We got to enjoy a fun evening with friends at a neighbor's BBQ and went home happy.

Until 2:30 this morning.... Carrie woke up crying pretty loudly so I went in to check on her; Just as she started to throw up. Over the next three hours she threw up 6 times. And I got maybe 30 minutes of sleep. Every noise she made sounded like she was about to throw up. It was awful. At 5:45 she wanted to be up for the day and requested we watch Sleeping Beauty.
The second that was over she requested to watch Cars (which I'm pretty sure we've watched every single day this week, it's crazy!!). Half way through I looked over to see that she had fallen asleep on the couch. I turned the movie off and followed suit. Justin caught this cute picture of us when he came down the stairs later. She threw up a couple more times, but has been ok since about 10:30 (knock on wood). My parents came down for a few hours to visit, per Carrie's request (who can resist her cute little sick voice saying, "I want Grandma to come to my house...."). We've spent all day in our jammies and ordered pizza for dinner. We're exhausted. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!

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Natalie Sadler said...

You make me jealous talking about Target trips all by yourself! I need to be better about treating myself and letting Jay watch the kiddies while I go out.

Feel better! We just finished the sick kid saga at our house--no fun :(