Thursday, April 14, 2011


Someone check a weather report, I think Hell may have frozen over.... I ironed this morning....

Sad, but true, I almost NEVER iron. I hate it. But I ironed today because I had left a pile of clean laundry unfolded for a whole week. Therefore, mega-wrinkles.

I have avoided having to iron next week, however, because I am currently in the process of doing this week's laundry, and promptly folding and putting it away.

I feel ultra-productive this morning. I woke up early (which just means I woke up before Carrie), and I was dressed and ready for the day when she walked into my room. The past few hours we have:

-Picked up the mouse traps (which STILL have not caught our unwanted friend....)
-Eaten breakfast
-Started the dishwasher
-Sorted laundry
-Started a load
-Folded last week's towels that had been left in the dryer
-Made the bed
-Cleaned my bathroom
-Switched the laundry
-Ironed shirts
-Unloaded the dishwasher
-Hung up last week's shirts that have been draped on the chair
-Swept the kitchen
-Switched the laundry again
-Folded and put away the whites
-Made lunch
-Loaded the dirty dishes
-and blogged about it all.... :)

Yeah for productivity!

As an update on some of the works in progress around here:

We have not yet bought another car. Justin has taken the van to work 3 out of the 4 days this week so far (carpooled yesterday). Amazingly, I have managed just fine at home without transportation. Although I was happy to have it yesterday for a Walmart run.

Carrie is not potty trained. And I am quitting for a little while. She seems to be on the edge of understanding and catching on, but not quite all the way. I'm sure if I really hunkered down for a few days it'd be over, but apparently I'm not ready either. She'll occasionally say she wants to sit on the potty, but she hasn't actually gone in the potty for probably a couple of weeks. And I don't care. It doesn't bother me that she's not potty trained yet. We've got time. She's growing up too fast anyways.

One funny new thing she does?.... She has forgotten how to smile. She begs me to take pictures of her all the time, but her smile always turns out as more of a forced, concerned look.... Whatever. She's still cute anyways.


AN Petersen said...

I'm glad to hear i'm not the only one to leave clean laundry everywhere..... thanks for inspiring to have a productive day sometime soon. : )

The Gatherers said...

Sounds like a great day! I'm inspired!

Alysha Smith said...

Savannah just got potty Trained. We tried a couple times and she just wasn't ready. I'm so glad I waited because now she has totally got it!

Laura Cook said...

That picture is so cute! Love it! Btw I'm totally impressed you got the iron out! I would have ran them through the dryer with a wet cloth/towel instead! Lol! I REALLY HATE the iron! Ty would probably fall over dead if he saw me ironing clothes. I'll even rewash them if I have to to avoid the iron! Hehe. I'm probably better off steering clear of it anyway considering how accident prone I am (my justification to make myself feel better hehe)!