Monday, April 4, 2011

Conference Weekend

I can't believe it, we've lived in our house for ONE YEAR! We moved in on Conference Saturday last year. Time certainly flies!

This year we were planning on a much less stressful day... We did get to relax and watch the morning session, but then we were off to head to Mesa. Justin and I spent the afternoon car shopping (thank you to my dad, who was helping). After a few hours of no luck, we headed into Wells Fargo to apply for a tiny loan. The dealerships were basically laughing at us when they heard our overall budget and our monthly payment budget.

We got to take a break when it was time for Priesthood session. Justin went with my dad and brothers and brothers in law, then out to a chinese buffet where they seriously stuffed themselves. They all came home a little sluggish and slightly pot-bellied.

While they were out, the girls went to the mall to get my niece Jacey's ears pierced. After dinner at the food court, Carrie got to ride the carousel! The only picture we got that wasn't completely blurry was this one.
We slept over at my parents and hung out Sunday watching conference, driving to Glendale (an hour away) to look at a car that didn't work out, and making t-shirts for the upcoming March of Dimes walk. It was busy, but fun!

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Brittney said...

When it rains it pours. Like you really want to be worrying about a new car. How frustrating, but you seem to be having a good attitude regardless.