Thursday, April 19, 2012

100 Days!

 I can't believe it, but we're finally down to 100 days left! I know it's still a ridiculously long time, but it's better than towards the beginning of the pregnancy when my little countdown ticker says something outrageous like 264 days! I feel like making a paper chain or something, but honestly I know that seeing 100 chain pieces strung out would make it seem not nearly as exciting as I think it is!

I've been working like crazy on Brigette's room because I'm determined not to have to finish it in a rush at the last minute. And I'm almost done! Here's some sneak peak pictures. I still have a few wall decorations planned so I'll post pictures of those later, but here's what I have so far.

The crib and branch decoration

Closer up

 And even closer up. So you can admire my toll paint handiwork. Painting this took probably 5 hours total. Taking occasional breaks to do menial things like feeding Carrie ;)

 A view from her bedroom door. I'm loving it already and it's not even quite done yet!

Big sister is doing great too. Yesterday while I had pandora on my phone, she turned into a little dancing machine. Booty shaking, jumping, running, twirling (complete with arm over her head, as pictured in the center). It was sure fun to watch!

One of her favorite pastimes is playing with the tupperware. Put on all the lids, line them up, take the lids off, put them back, and do it all over and over again.

I'm sure going to have my hands full once Brigette gets old enough for Carrie to start showing her all the fun stuff to get into around the house!

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