Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Joy of Easter

We'll start with a couple pictures from yesterday. While we were busy staycationing, Carrie went to the neighborhood Easter party with my parents. There was egg gathering of course....

Playing on the tire swing with a random new little friend

And a prize table! Carrie picked toy snakes.... Sometimes the tomboy in her surprises me ;)
Now onto Sunday morning! Just before leaving for church, I took Carrie outside to get pictures of her in her new dress. Instead of posing for pictures, though, she wanted to play hopscotch :) Throw the rock...

Hop to pick it up....

And keep right on hopping!! Alright, so she doesn't know exactly how to play, but it's sure dang cute to watch her!!

We found the perfect tree to pose by. And a moment of bragging for myself..... I made her dress... :) Isn't it wonderful?! I'm amazed at how perfectly it turned out, I'm so proud (and humble, obviously)

Giving me a twirl

Her supermodel "pose and pout"

A close up of our lovely little princess

And one last smiley one because I had forgotten to put on her new faux pearl necklace before taking the other pictures

Our family all dressed up at church.

While we were at church, the Easter Bunny came! And left quite a haul for Carrie! New sand toys, a watering can just her size to match mommy's, a new swimming suit, some glow in the dark toys, and lots of chocolatey, peanut-buttery candy, yum!

After a nice afternoon nap (for Justin and me at least), we headed off to visit Brigham's grave. Carrie is holding his Easter basket filled with eggs weighted down with rocks from Grandma and Grandpa's backyard.

She walked up to his headstone and said, "Here you go Brigham, these are for you!"

We had planned on using this moment as a mini teaching opportunity to tell Carrie what Easter was really about. We were surprised, however, when upon asking her, "Carrie, do you know what Easter is about?", she answered, "Jesus got put in the tomb, and then the angel rolled the stone away, and Jesus was resurrected!"..... That's definitely a sufficient answer from a three year old. Thank you nursery... :)

Because of the Atonement and the miracle of Christ's resurrection on that first Easter morning, we will someday all be resurrected. We will have strong, healthy bodies and be reunited with those we love. I already picture Brigham as a vibrant, strong, young man and I'm so excited to know that someday he will have a perfect immortal body. Our family is eternal. This is the joy Easter brings to me.


Coleen said...

What wonderful pictures and sweet experiences. Thanks for sharing these!

Elise said...

What a wonderful image of Brigham! Sometimes I forget that there is a life after this one because I get wrapped up in the minutia of day to day life, but I'm so glad you get to raise that boy in the eternities. What a blessing!

The High Family- said...

That dress is amazing! Seriously so adorable.