Friday, April 13, 2012

All the Girls

What a lucky man Justin is. Look at all these beautiful girls he gets to live with!
And a random funny quick story from earlier today... Carrie asked me to open a chocolate bunny for her. While I was peeling away the wrapper (which was tricky because it had melted a little and re-hardend) she started getting antsy and excited, and started bouncing up and down in anticipation. Suddenly she stopped, looked down, and said to herself, "patient, patient, patient....." It was so cute! She does listen to me sometimes!! Fortunately for her, she only had to wait a few seconds to gobble up that chocolate bunny!


Heather Farnsworth said...

You are so cute when you are pregnant!

Jenna said...

You look fabulous!!! Carrie is a darling little girl.