Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Rest of California!

California part two! Compared to our busy day Friday, yesterday was a relaxed, lazy day! We slept in (much needed after Disneyland), but even then, Carrie was up long before everyone else. So we went down to breakfast by ourselves and enjoyed playing the few arcade games they had in the continental breakfast room.

I think Carrie likes driving games too much. We're going to have our hands full teaching her how to drive, I can tell!

Then we went to lounge by the pool... Enjoying the lovely California weather...

After a few minutes though, we decided just lounging next to the pool wasn't enough, we wanted to get in. So we grabbed our swimsuits (or makeshift tanktop, tshirt, gym shorts "swimsuit" for me) and jumped in.

The water was wonderful! It was Carrie's first time swimming this year and it took her a few minutes to get into again, but within a matter of minutes, she was a little fish!

Aunt Marissa and Cousin Isac were swimming with us too.

Trying to get Carrie to float on her back. She HATES it! This is as much as she would let me "let her go"... Hopefully when swimming lessons start in June she'll be a little braver ;)

After packing up our room, we headed off to Huntington Beach to play for a bit. Finding a parking spot was a joke! We almost gave up, but got lucky at the last minute.

Carrie wanted to go straight for the water.

So we held hands and ventured out

Toward this lovely scene

It was quite a trick trying to take a picture and keep Carrie's clothes dry as a wave broke on the shore!

Uncle Jake found sand crabs and had fun showing Carrie. She refused to hold them (I'd do the same!)

Since we didn't have our swimming suits, we mostly just stood and watched and got our feet wet. Jake, Landon, and Brandon decided they'd ditch their shirts and get in anyways. (Kevin and Kandis on the beach, the three other boys out in the surf)

Carrie just enjoyed playing in the sand and getting extremely dirty. Good thing we had a change of clothes in the car ;)

Boys being crazy boys for their last few minutes of California fun before heading back home!

We went straight from the beach and headed home, not pulling in until almost midnight. It was a long trip and man am I sore!! Being cooped up in a car for 6 hours is not good for my muscles! I'm literally limping today. It was a fun trip though and I'm sure I'll "recover" soon. Until next time California!!

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Mandy Coffey said...

how fun! Huntington Beach is my hometown! I'm so jealous you were recently there. We are going next weekend, but I don't think we'll have time for as much fun as you had! :)