Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Funny Things

Carrie's so awesome. Not that we didn't already know that, but seriously.... Some of the things she says.... :)

-After Justin got home from work one day, Carrie ran to his car in the garage, gave it a kiss and said, "I missed you Hank!" (the name she gave to his car)

-Thanks to a few favorite pirate cartoons lately, whenever I ask her to do something, she'll reply, "Aye aye, mommy!!"

-"Awww, Nana and Papa aren't coming to Disneyland with us? :( We'll have to tell them ALL about it!"

-Walking into our (very cool) hotel room, "Wow! Check this place out!!"

-"Mommy, turn on your turbo booster button so you can go faster!!"

-Me: "Thank you for telling me you needed to go potty." Carrie: "You're welcome! Anytime!!"

-When it was way past time to leave my parents' house to go home, she was eating a bowl of ice cream super slow... I said, "Carrie, you need to hurry and finish your ice cream". She replied with a little grin in her voice, "Or what?.... You'll leave me at grandma's?...." I didn't say this, but I was thinking, "No, or I'll dump it out whether you've finished it or not and we're still leaving!"
And sometimes it's just the wording that makes it funny...
-"Amanda, would you like to join us at Disneyland?"

-"Right this way, my dear!"

-Why helloooo darling!"

My favorite of late, however, comes in the form of a simple prayer

-"Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for the food. Please bless the food, and please bless that I won't make a horrible mess for mommy, (and then an aside to me) Heavenly Father will be so happy if I don't make a horrible mess for you!"

I love the inner workings of a three year old's mind :)

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