Saturday, May 5, 2012

28 weeks and Co-op

Here's my 28 week belly shot. Sticking straight out!

Even though Carrie got to pose with me, she wanted a picture all for herself too. She's so dang cute, I love it!

Tonight we hosted our babysitting co-op. It's 9 kids total and sometimes can be a handful, but we only have to do it once a month and then get free babysitting the other 3 weekends :)  I occasionally try to be cool and do something fun with the kids. Tonight, I read them a bunch of nursery rhymes. Then I gave them "pre-squiggled" papers and told them to take the random lines, shapes, and squiggles I had drawn and turn them into something from the nursery rhymes. We ended up with some pretty interesting drawings! A few examples: a magic pencil and dice, a jack'o'lantern, a shipwreck, and a machine that makes logs and nuts for squirrels. Not quite nursery rhyme inspired, but cute none-the-less. 

Before I started the movie for the evening, we did a mass potty run. I made them stand in line by the bathroom door so I knew everyone went! No potty accidents on my watch!

As always, it's crazy, but now that it's over, we'll get to enjoy the rest of the month off!

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Amber said...

I think we almost have the same due date, I am due July 29th with another girl!