Saturday, May 12, 2012

Random Bits of Our Lives

 A few random things from the last few days. First of all, Carrie went into the kitchen a couple days ago to get a snack. When I checked on her a few minutes later, I found her munching on a tomato.... A whole tomato.... Just eating away at it like an apple! What a goofy kid!

I spent part of last night and part of this morning turning a prom dress shawl into a vest and tie combo for my little brother to wear. I wish I could say it turned out perfectly... Sadly it was a bit too small (he wasn't there for me to try it on him while I made it) and in order to wear it he had to cut it down the sides. He said he just left his suit coat on all night and it looked perfect from the front. I'm glad it worked out (kinda) ;) I also made his date's corsage. Pretty huh? Maybe by the time Carrie goes to prom I'll be up to the task of making a dress, not just a vest and tie.... Maybe ;)

We finally got our van back from the repair shop a couple days ago! This was the rental car I had for almost 2 weeks while they worked on it (paid for completely by the other driver's insurance, hallelujah!) Thankfully, they didn't total our van! Though the repairs were over $3600! That's ridiculously close to "the line" of to-total or not-to-total?.... We were definitely blessed!

A couple of days ago Carrie called out to me from her room first thing in the morning, saying, "Mommy help! I'm stuck!" I panicked a bit and went rushing in... to find her like this..... She'd gotten herself stuck in her laundry basket!

And yesterday she found my knee-high boots in my closet and wanted to put them on. You can't even call those thigh-highs on her! If they were any higher, she wouldn't be able to stand up! (Don't you love her little pose?)

Justin's grandma was on her way home to New Mexico this weekend and since we're on her way from Phoenix, we insisted she come visit us first. She was wonderful and took us out to dinner at Carrabbas for a late anniversary present.

She also took Carrie to the park. In the horrible heat! What a great Gigi!!

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