Monday, May 21, 2012

Let's Go D-Backs, Let's Go!!

Tonight we got to go to the Diamondbacks game for free! (My mom's school got tickets.) While we were waiting for my family to show up with our tickets, we went to a booth and decorated a sign for Carrie to hold up during the game. Isn't she cute?! Sadly, this moment is the only time she actually held the poster. It got rolled up, put in our bag, and never got taken out again during the game. Oh well!

 Carrie posing with D-backs Mickey Mouse!

Overly cheesy Oreo smile. Snacks are obviously the best part of the game!

She had a blast! We tried to buy her a souvenir T-shirt, but she claimed she didn't want it, and instead, begged us for a toy car- a VW van with D-backs insignia on it. She was thrilled!

Proof that we were there too :)

Sadly the D-backs lost, but at least we had fun and ate some good food- Corn dogs and cotton candy! Funny story though.... Carrie wouldn't even try the cotton candy. It was a strange thing to be trying to talk our three year old into eating straight sugar... ;)

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