Monday, May 7, 2012

Frustrating Mommy Moment...

Last night I had a horrible mommy moment. Carrie hadn't been the greatest listener all day and apparently I was fed up. After the 7th time of asking her to put her jammies on and her STILL goofing off and completely ignoring me, I'd had it. I told her, "We're not brushing your teeth, we're not doing scriptures or prayer, and you're NOT getting a story! Put yourself to bed!" I turned off the light and slammed the door. It was not my proudest moment as a mother.

She cried, half real and half fake whines for about 30 minutes and then finally crawled into bed, pulled up the covers and fell asleep.

I felt bad mostly because Justin hadn't been a part of it at all and was sad he didn't get to say goodnight or give her a kiss. After she'd fallen asleep we went in to check on her and give her a kiss. And of course, once I saw her all cute and cuddled up in her bed sleeping, I wondered why I'd reacted so harshly. I hope I never have to do it again, but sometimes... it can't be helped!

This morning, Carrie and I had a "talk" about it. We both agreed it wasn't fun and would like to not repeat it. In her blessing over breakfast, she said, "Please bless us to have a happy day, and bless that I will put on my jammies and listen to my mommy." After the prayer she looked at me and said, "Heavenly Father loves it when I listen to you"

I love her to pieces, unconditionally of course, but man, some days are easier than others! This morning in her efforts to make sure she does what she's "supposed to", she's helping me dust. Even though I didn't ask her to, when I started to clean, she asked if she could do it too.

Bless her cute little heart.... Motherhood can be rough, but I'm so glad I have her!

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Coleen said...

She loves to "help". She is very smart and her willingness to pray about wanting to be a better listener is awesome! She's a sweetheart, and has a mind of her own. :)