Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Little About Justin

We had date night last night! It was great to have a night with Justin! Before our date, though we got to have a quick little check on Brigette. It was a pretty simple, boring appointment. My belly measured 28 weeks (the same as it did two weeks ago. She's starting to remind me a little of Carrie with her growth patterns. It could just be because it was a different doctor this time, but we'll have another ultrasound in two weeks to check on her growth again.

Now, back to the point of this post. For our date, we grabbed some Chick-Fil-A and went to see The Avengers. Even with my very minimal knowledge of the recent movies (I've only seen the Iron Man ones), I thoroughly enjoyed it! VERY action packed, but it was still funny and entertaining. We had a great time :)

Today Justin is at an instructional reffing camp. Apparently there's only 11 or 12 people there so it should be very good for him. He'll be able to get a lot of one on one and be able to actually talk with the instructors and get advice. Hopefully this will help him network a little more and he'll be one step closer to getting on with JUCO! 

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