Thursday, May 31, 2012

Our Girls

A few months ago, when I thought I was actually going to start a garden this year, I bought myself a pair of gardening gloves. When I saw a pair of princess gloves, I knew Carrie would love them. Since I never got around to the garden, Carrie just plays with them as toys in the house.

This morning, she found them in her toys, asked for my help putting them on and then told me, "I'm going to go fix the weeds".... She went outside and sat sifting through the rocks. (Which don't have any weeds in them, fyi)

 After only a couple minutes sitting by the grass, she said, "I'm going to go work in the shade..." Smart girl :)

As for Brigette, I had another doctors appointment today and Brigette is being a bit of a stinker on the growth charts! If you remember, a few weeks ago, she measured in the 26th percentile overall. Today, she was in the 18th percentile.... Her belly has dropped off the charts low, and her estimated weight is 3 lbs, 2 oz. So now we get to go see the specialist again! Seems to be a pattern with our kids huh?! It looks like she's going to be a teeny little thing! I had the inkling that she would be our smallest baby!

Tonight Carrie said she wanted to watch a show upstairs. Justin and I were both being lazy and trying to convince the other to go up and turn it on for her. Justin was doing homework on the computer and said, "I'm working". I said, "I'm working too..." When he asked, "Doing what?", I replied with, "Growing a baby!".... He was so quick and witty with his reply of, "Ummm, no you're not!". I had no argument... I said, "Dang! You're right! Fine! I'll go turn on her movie!"..... It was hilarious :)

I'm excited to see our girls together! Carrie is already so cute with Brigette. This morning Carrie wanted to feel Brigette kick, but she wasn't being wiggly and I told Carrie, "She must be asleep". So Carrie proceeded to sing "la la la la" in the tune of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" to my belly. Brigette immediately responded with a slew of kicks! They're going to be so adorable together!

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Coleen said...

I agree, they are going to be so cute and fun. Carrie is a natural little "mother". I love that she wore the gloves and was working in the yard, she's seen her Nana doing that. :) Please tell Brigette we want her to get bigger...