Monday, June 4, 2012

Having Fun & Deep Cleaning

A couple days ago my parents stopped by the help in the backyard a bit and when they came, they brought along a surprise for Carrie. A Lightning McQueen car! My little brother Jake built it with some friends for a school project. It's made completely out of cardboard, and is supposed to be able to hold 160 lbs and travel 100 feet (or something like that). Now that their project is over, Carrie is thoroughly enjoying playing with it!

It's been a looong time coming, but we finally got our swingset anchored down into the ground! Now more than one kid can play on it at a time! Carrie's been able to go out by herself and swing slowly on her tummy, but when we had the co-op kids over, it had to be off limits for fear of it tipping over. But no more! It's actually usable, woohoo!

Carrie told my dad, "I have my own shovel, I can help you dig".... :)

Last night Carrie talked us into going into the backyard for a few minutes to blow bubbles. She had a blast!

She ran around like a crazy person trying to pop every single last bubble!

And when she got tired, she was nice enough to pose for a picture in the cool grass :)

Today was a long day though! My nesting instincts have gone overboard and I decided the house needed a whole huge deep clean! So I spent the entire day today cleaning the blinds, scrubbing the baseboards, and dusting the ceiling fans.... I also cleaned the bathroom, swept and hand mopped the kitchen. Justin was awesome and vacuumed for me too! It took ALL day and I am soooo tired! And I only did downstairs! :P Tomorrow, it's time for upstairs! Bring on the clean house!

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