Saturday, June 9, 2012

Under 50 Days!!

I'm 33 weeks today which means 49 days til my due date! It's getting close! I had my first visit with the specialist on Thursday. Brigette was in the 14th percentile weighing in at 3lbs, 5 oz. Her current diagnosis is SGA (small for gestational age). If she falls below the 10th percentile, she'd officially be considered IUGR (intra-uterine growth restriction). The way her growth percentile has been falling these last several weeks, the doctor said they wouldn't be surprised if she does indeed fall below the 10th percentile eventually.

The plan for now is to do twice weekly Bio Physical Profiles, which is an ultrasound that checks amniotic fluid levels, fetal heartrate, fetal movement, and fetal "practice breathing". As long as all those things are good and she continues to grow at all (even at her slow rate), they'll keep me pregnant as long as possible. If her growth stops, or she shows any signs of distress, they cold decide to induce me early. I was given doctor's orders to rest often. Not officially bedrest, but just to make sure I don't go overboard and conserve energy so more blood flow and nutrition could get to Brigette.

Then yesterday I started to have horrible pain "down there". To the point where the idea of walking was horrible.... so I went into my regular doctor. They couldn't tell me the exact cause of my pain, but checked and reassured that I wasn't dilated or effaced. They also did a test that can predict early labor, which came back negative. So the end advice was keep up on Tylenol and basically even more pseduo-bedrest..... Woohoo....

A couple of random pictures just because: New flowers for Brigham's grave

Carrie and I having fun, goofing off with the camera

I love this girl... Because it's too hilarious not to share, just now Carrie was watching me type and had an epiphany... She said, "Wow! When you push the letter buttons, it makes the letters go onto the computer!! That's AMAZING!!" Gotta love how easily impressed she is huh?! Although, if you really think about it, it IS pretty amazing.... ;)

And before I finish, I HAVE to say thanks and kudos to Justin for basically running our co-op last night. He took care of and fed nine kids while I watched from the couch trying to move as little as possible. He was awesome!

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