Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Golden Trophy!

Today was Carrie's last day of swimming lessons and she rocked it! We've been staying at the pool and practicing for about an hour every day after her lessons are over and she's getting braver and braver. She still needs a lot of work on remembering to move her arms while she kicks, but I guess I can't expect perfection in her first session of lessons ;)

Swimming waaay further off the steps to her teacher

 Swimming back on her own, fully under water!

As a small reward, I bought her a tube floatie so she could lounge and play with her other little friends without always having to hold onto me. She loves it!

And as promised, she earned her golden trophy! I had a friend help me cut out a little girl in a swimming suit out of vinyl to stick on the trophy, along with a little vinyl "plaque" that says, "Carrie, A Super Brave Swimmer, June 2012"

Justin had the great idea to fill the trophy cup with candy!

Then she had the great idea to make funny faces and make me take pictures ;)

We're so proud of our Super Brave Swimmer!!

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Coleen said...

Yeah Carrie for earning your Golden Trophy!!!! Good job, you will have so much fun swimming this summer.