Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Although we didn't get to start celebrating until lunchtime because of Justin's camp, we still had a great day! We went out to Native New Yorker with Justin's parents for lunch before they had to leave to go home. Then we gave the daddy of our house his present.

Carrie's card for daddy, made with runts glued onto the card. Carrie loved the idea!

 Justin and his sweet girl! He's such a fantastic dad!

Tickling is a favorite pastime between these two!

I realized that I didn't take a picture of his present, so I'll just have to describe it. It's a T-shirt with a little cartoon picture of a golf course that says "Sick Day". Justin loves golfing, even though he doesn't get to go nearly as often as he'd like, so I knew it was perfect for him!

I'm so grateful for all the fathers in my life! Both Justin and I were blessed with amazing dads, and Justin continues to become a greater dad every day! I love seeing him with our kids! It's also been a while since we've had a baby in our house, so I'm getting excited to see him be a newborn dad again!

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