Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Going for the Gold!

Carrie started swimming lessons today. For the last couple of days, we've been trying to "prep" her. We said she gets to learn how to swim without her floaties on! We thought she'd be excited.... Instead, she freaked out! "I CAN'T swim without my floaties on!! I won't be safe!!".... Looks like we've trained her a little too well...

Justin finally told her, "If you can be super brave at your swimming lessons, we'll get you something special at the end." Carrie's eyes got wide and she asked excitedly, "Can I get a golden trophy?!"

It wasn't quite the request we were expecting, but Justin happily answered, "Yes, if you're super brave, I will buy you a golden trophy!" So, that's what she's aiming for!

With her classmates and teacher, Miss Kym, singing "Motorboat, motorboat", while practicing kicking their legs

 Practicing blowing bubbles in the water

And then it was time to swim out to the teacher. Her first attempt... Can you tell she's a little nervous? Look at her face ;)

Ready to "jump" in... Or lean/fall into the teacher's arms... ;)

Learning to float on her back by "sleeping" on top of the water. After a few seconds, the teacher would count to three and all the other kids would yell, "Wake up!!" while she "swam" back to the steps

Her reward from her teacher at the end of the lesson. A dum-dum sucker! A fabulous treat for a three year old!

Lounging poolside after lessons were over

Because the lessons are held at a local community pool, I get to go swimming too! Yeah for getting out of the heat and feeling a little lighter-weight in the water! It looks like it's going to be a fun couple of weeks! Keep up the good work Carrie! That golden trophy is calling your name!

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