Saturday, June 16, 2012

Getting Ready for Baby

The gusto I had for deep cleaning a couple weeks ago lasted only that day. I totally meant to do the upstairs the next day, but it definitely didn't happen.... Lucky for me, Justin's parents came to visit a couple days ago (mostly for Justin's dad to go with him to his reffing camp this weekend), but that means I've had my mother-in-law with me for the last couple days. And today especially, she was a MONSTER help around the house!

She did the all the upstairs blinds, baseboards, and ceiling fans (with a very minimal amount of assistance from me), and then vacuumed it all too! Awesome! During the cleaning rush, I pulled all of Brigette's clothes out and washed and folded them! So now they're all neatly tucked away waiting for her cuteness to fill them! I'm so excited! Can you believe how teeny this sock is?!

And after a long morning of cleaning, we went for a refreshing swim! Carrie and I spent a LOT of time building up her bravery, specifically on jumping in from the side. After close to two hours, she was finally jumping in without tons of persuasion, holding on to me, and without me being RIGHT next to the pool's edge! One technique she loved was yelling, "Cowabunga!" before jumping in! It especially made her laugh when I suggested she yell, "Sheep-abunga!", or "Pig-abunga!" I hope her bravery sticks around for lessons next week!

Tonight was co-op night so we dropped Carrie off at her friends and since Justin and his dad were still out at the reffing camp, Coleen and I went out for date-night! Panda Express, Yogurt Jungle, and Redbox at home while we worked on a couple craft projects! Sometimes it's really nice to have a girl's night!

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