Monday, June 25, 2012

Finally, A Finished Project!

I finally finished recovering Brigette's carseat! It's been about a two month long project from start to finish. I gave myself tons of time and took breaks to make sure I wouldn't get frustrated with it. I'm so glad it turned out gorgeous, but holy moly, I'm never doing that again!! It was stressful and I got poked more times than any other project. I even bled on it.... That was a horrible night : /

Sadly, I don't have a full "before" picture, but here's a half before... It was tan with navy plaid. It was ok, but not nearly as cute as it could be. So I made a project out of it!

I found several tutorials online, but most of them didn't look very cute, or very easy. I finally found one that suggested sewing the new cover right on top of the old one. So I did. I laid the fabric out, cut it to size, tucked the edges under, pinned it in place and top-stitched right next to the edge. Where the straps go through I just did really long button holes

For the canopy, I laid the pieces on top, cut, and sewed them together with the machine, and then hand-stitched it onto the existing canopy.

It was long hard work, but I'm SO pleased with the result! And mostly, I'm really glad I finally finished it! I was worried she was going to be born and it was still going to have pins sticking out all over the place. Hallelujah, she'll actually be able to ride home in it!

She got a perfect score again on her BPP today, though she was still a little stubborn about waiting til the last minute to practice breathe.

Carrie's getting so excited to meet her! This morning she put a toy on top of my belly, gave Brigette a nudge, and told her to play with it. We had a blast watching the toy wiggle all over the place! It was way easier to see all her teeny movements watching the toy move rather than just trying to see my belly move. Carrie was giggling like crazy! She kept nudging Brigette and saying things like, "Knock it off mom's tummy!" Though she never actually kicked it all the way off, we were definitely entertained by her wiggles! I can't wait to see these two cute girls play together!

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