Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pre-Birthday Party for Brigette

As a quick update on Carrie, she's doing great at swimming lessons! I think we'll be practicing this weekend to make sure she doesn't forget anything and try to boost her bravery level even a little more for next weeks' lessons!

Now onto the little one! At my/Brigette's BPP (bio-physical profile) today the ultrasound tech did some growth measurements just out of curiosity. Technically, they're not official, and since she was just measured a week ago, the margin of error is bigger.... Anyways, she measured approximately 4lbs, 1oz, which would put her in the 17th percentile overall. Like I said, it might be a little off, but my semi-bedrest might also be helping her grow more efficiently. We'll know better in a couple weeks when I go back to the specialist for the official growth check-in.

She was a little stubborn in doing her practice breathing for us though. The tech and I spent about 20 minutes nudging and bugging my belly trying to get her to respond and "breathe" for us. Nothing was working. She was responsive, and certainly wiggly. Annoyed even. We could see her pretty little spine as she arched her back in protest... Poor girl... But if she didn't do it, the tech said they'd send me to the hospital to do further checkups on her well-being.

While we were "waiting", we actually got a semi-decent picture of her face! This stubborn girl doesn't like to show us her face very often, so we were thrilled with this picture! She looks a little pouty, but still adorable! I'm so excited to see her in person!

Anyways, back to the practice breathing wait...I told the tech how when Carrie sings to my belly Brigette always responds very excitedly. So we decided to resort to Pandora on my phone. I found some up-beat music, cranked up the volume, and put it close to Brigette's ears. As an interesting note, she didn't like Jackson 5, but did like Neon Trees and finally showed us her practice breathing! Whew! I certainly didn't have time to go to the hospital because only a couple of hours later, my baby shower started!

Trying an outfit and hairbow on Brigette

 Being giddily excited about new cute girly clothes!

In this picture frame is a "voucher" for a free newborn photo session with our good friend Kevin Beeson! I'm so excited! I'm already overwhelming myself with cute outfit, hairbow, prop, and pose ideas!

An outfit my mom got for both Brigette and Charlie (my sister's unborn daughter). It says "Auntie thinks I'm super cute". It'll be so cute to have a picture of us sisters with our daughters in their matching Auntie shirts!

Thanks again to all my friends who helped put it together and brought fun games and yummy treats!

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