Thursday, June 28, 2012

Squeaking By

*Before I forget, I created the "guessing game" for Brigette's birth date, time, weight, and length! Feel free to participate! The link to the game can be found HERE. When you get to the site, in the top left hand corner is a place to enter the "game name". Just type in Brigette, and you'll be ready to enter your guess! (You don't have to register or anything). Have fun!!*

We had the official growth check-up on Brigette today at the specialist. She weighs in at 4lbs, 13oz, which puts her in the 11th percentile! Her rate of growth is still dropping (remember she was in the 14th percentile 3 weeks ago), but she IS growing, and she's squeaking by as still just small for gestational age, not intra-uterine growth restriction (which is 10th percentile or under).

She's as wiggly as ever, which they said is a very good sign at her small size. She's still practice breathing, has fluid levels still in the mid-teens (normal), and the doppler study which shows blood flow/function of the placenta and umbilical cord looks good. Currently, the recommendation from the specialist is they see no real reason to induce me at 37 weeks (like we thought they might). When I see my regular doctor again on Monday, we'll talk more about the specialists' report combined with my doc's recommendations and possibly start coming up with a little more of a plan for Brigette's delivery. (It's coming up so soon!!)

Personally, I want to be induced. It's worked really well for me with both my other kids. I know it doesn't work for some women, but I've been lucky I guess, and my deliveries have been smooth, quick, and uncomplicated. We'll see what the doctor says this time around...

As usual, she didn't want to show us her face, so I don't have a picture to post.... She kept blocking us with her hand and the cord, and then squished herself into her usual comfy pillow place in the placenta. Silly girl won't be able to avoid the cameras forever though!

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