Friday, May 4, 2012

Doctor Overload!

We've been to a doctor's appointment at least once a day, every day this week! I'm exhausted! Monday Carrie had her Car accident check up with her pediatrician. All appears to be ok as far as her muscles, ligaments, and spine go. Then I had my hospital follow-up appointment with my OB. Again, my pregnancy appears to be stable, so that's good.

Tuesday was my first visit at a chiropractor for the car accident. I think it'll be really nice to go for a while. Before I see the chiropractor, I get a half hour deep tissue massage to loosen my muscles. It's awesome. The masseuse is a teeny girl, but she packs quite a punch!

Wednesday I got to drink the coveted semi-fizzy orange soda-ish gestation diabetes test drink. Delicious... And then get my blood drawn. Always a pleasure. Luckily I have huge veins and I'm a very easy draw. :)

Thursday it was back to the chiropractor. I think it's going to be a long ongoing process to get my SI joint (where my spine and pelvis connect) to finally feel better. Whether it's aching from the car accident or pregnancy, no one can tell, but man, every once in a while I get a spazzy tweak that almost knocks me over. We did manage to get some yardwork in that afternoon though. Justin mowed our ridiculously long grass. Twice because the first pass wasn't enough.

And I helped gather the clippings because there was so much. Too bad that even with a literal "green thumb" I still can't grow flowers or vegetables!

 Today first thing we were off into town to take Carrie to a dermatologist. She has some molescum on her side that we haven't been able to get rid of yet. We got a prescription cream that should hopefully start to help soon. We had a quick lunch with Justin's grandma who was in town for a club convention and hurried back home to attend a birthday party for Carrie's friend Sienna. Because we got there so late, most of the kids left soon after we got there. Carrie was content to play by herself, so we hung out and played at the splash pad for a while!

Then this afternoon it was back to the OB for my regular check up. My doctor's office does a routine growth ultrasound check at 28 weeks (which I will be tomorrow), so we got to see our sweet Brigette again today! She weighs 2 lbs exactly which puts her in the 26th percentile overall. Around her belly, however, measured only in the 11th percentile. (Sounds a lot like Carrie to me!) Because of this, we'll have growth ultrasounds every month until she's born, just to make sure her growth stays on track. I wish I had a cute picture of her to post, but she had both her hands and her feet up in her face. We couldn't get a face shot at all!

Though we've been busy, it's all been good news so far! Here's hoping our doctor's visits slow down for a while!

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