Tuesday, April 17, 2012

You're Blog Fired...

Sorry I've been so lame at blogging lately... I come up with all sorts of excuses. Mostly I feel justified because my excuse is usually something like, "I need to catch up around the house before I sit at the computer and do something as menial as blogging". (Which really doesn't make sense because I use our blog as a family journal/scrapbook, it should have a little bit of priority right?) The only problem is, catching up around the house can be really hard! Once you think you catch up, it's caught right back up with you again and it's time to start all over!

As I check other friends' blogs and they haven't posted in a while, I sometimes think, "You're blog fired".... In a loving way of course... Completely hypocritical of me now, I know. So I apologize for my blog "leave of absence". I didn't "blog resign", I promise. Hopefully a few days from now, when I finish the 15 posts on my "to blog" list, you'll be wanting to blog fire me just from pure overload.

Actually, hopefully not. I hope you've missed me and are anxiously awaiting my return.... :)

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Heather Farnsworth said...

I kind of do the same thing.. I procrastinate and then end up doing 5 or so (or more!) post at a time. I figured as long as it eventually gets done I'm okay. Since I really am doing it as a scrapbook/journal I figure it doesn't really matter if people read or don't read it since its really for my family in the long run. That being said.. I love reading your blog!