Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Today was GOING to be fun....

Today started so well... We had plans to drop our van off to get the oil changed and a friend was going to pick us up there and take us to the park with them to play at the splash pad. While we were on our way.... Someone crashed into us. :( Carrie was in the car with me of course and she was pretty shaken up, poor thing. Fortunately we were hit on the front passenger side and she sits right behind me on the driver's side.

We were driving on a surface street in the left of two lanes when someone pulled out of the neighborhood on our right and turned right into our lane without looking to see that someone (us) was already driving there! Her view was blocked by a big landscaping truck in the right lane, but she should have waited to see if the lane was truly clear or not.... The damage doesn't actually look that horrible, but Justin said between replacing the bumper and right fender, the repair costs are probably going to be pretty steep. I really really hope they don't total it... Because the amount they'd give us for a total loss would NOT pay for a new van. Unless it was older than me...

While I was waiting for the police officer to show up at the scene, I had the friend who was going to pick us up anyways, come pick up Carrie and take her to the park to play while I dealt with the wreck. Luckily, it's only April and it's not dreadfully hot yet, but we were on the side of the road for probably half an hour before we finally got the go-ahead to leave. According to what I heard from the police and the other driver, she's 100% at fault. Officially I'll have to wait to make sure her insurance "agrees" with that, but hopefully it shouldn't be a problem.

Justin came home from work and when we went to pick up Carrie from the park, we stayed and played with her for a few minutes.

She did NOT want to go across this bridge though. (It moves a little under your feet as you walk on it)

We finally convinced her to go across, but she'd only do it if Justin was holding her hand

And even then, it was slow going.... We made a big to-do about it when she finally got over. Hopefully next time she'll be brave and try it by herself.

She's not a total scaredy-cat though. She went down this slide by herself no problem! After she went down, Justin tried and couldn't believe she'd willingly done it! It's crazy steep and fast!

We both appear to be OK so far, but because I'm pregnant, I had the wonderful joy of having to go to the hospital to get double checked. We were heading up into town anyways to travel to California with my family in the morning (I'm sure I'll blog about that later). So we got packed up and headed up to Mesa a few hours early. Justin and I spent 4 hours in OB triage while they monitored Brigette's heart rate, movement, any contractions I might be having, and doing an ultrasound to check the placenta, and fluid levels.

It was fun to see Brigette if only for a few minutes. She weighs 1 lb, 11 oz, and according to all the tests we had done, all is well with her and my pregnancy overall. My back is a little sore, but I can't be sure if that came from the accident or just being pregnant in general. Either way, I think I'm going to be setting up an appointment with a chiropractor ASAP.

Here's hoping the next few days of vacation will be more fun, but less eventful than today was!!

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