Saturday, April 14, 2012

March of Dimes Round Two!

This morning was our second time participating in the March of Dimes walk in honor of our sweet boy Brigham. We got lucky this year and didn't get rained on like last year. For that, we were mega grateful! We did, however, get some freezing cold wind! It was ridiculous! I'd brought our jackets in case it rained (there had been rumors it would), and I'm sure glad we had them! It may have been sunny, but we were very cold!

Our group this year was much smaller than last year's showing, but I guess it can be expected. Last year everything was so fresh in our minds and hearts. This year, those who didn't come had legitimate reasons for not making it, and we still had fun with those who did come.

We decided to play in the kid zone before we did the walk instead of after when there would be hoards of families crowded all around. Carrie basically had free reign of all the bounce houses!

Aside from sharing with her cousin Isac of course

One bounce house had a huge slide in it. When she sat at the top she had a very scared look on her face. I was thinking someone was going to have to go up to "rescue" her.

It's crazy sometimes how much of a daredevil she is at her favorite park, but when it comes to something new, she can sometimes be a little wimpy. To my complete surprise though, she slid down all by herself! With very minimal coaxing!

By the time we started the official walk, we were pretty much the end of the crowd. Carrie still wanted to see the starting line balloons up close though ;)

Probably about a mile and a half into the walk, my sister wasn't feeling very well and decided to cut across the route to shortcut closer to the end. My dad went with her, and of course, Carrie wanted to go with too! The rest of us continued on the walk and after a while we called them to see if we were close to catching up to them yet. When they told us where they were, we were so confused.... They were several blocks behind us!

It turns out that they took a major detour to a local McDonalds so Carrie could go potty... Their shortcut, ended up being just as long as if they would have just stayed with the rest of us!

At a checkpoint along the way, we found an elephant! Elephants are one of Carrie's favorites so of course we had to get a picture with her! (Carrie's using my sister's jacket as a scarf)

Probably about a 1/4 mile from the end you can see the finish line, but are supposed to walk around the block to officially complete the walk.... But we were all exhausted... and we'd come dang close enough for us to just say "We're done!"

There was a med-evac helicopter sitting on the grass near the finish for families to check out.

When Carrie got into the Pilot's seat, all she wanted to do was for us to shut the door so she cold fly away!

Looks like we have a future pilot on our hands! Or at least a girl who would enjoy a good non-medical, voluntary, leisurely helicopter ride someday! Look at that grin!

In the back, where the flight nurses and patient are, Carrie was ready to go for a ride again! Getting her seatbelt on for safety!

Once we semi-dragged her out of the helicopter, we headed over to see a pony. Carrie thought it was so much fun to see a horsie just her size!

and last, but not least, play a beanbag toss game to win a prize!

We had a lot of fun, and came home with a lot of loot (energy bars, hand sanitizer, chapstick etc.) This year, Justin earned enough in donation money to get a T-shirt and total, between our 6 team members, we raised $655 to help support healthy babies! Here's to another great year for March of Dimes! Hope to see more of you with us next year!

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