Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sneak Peak

We got Carrie's pictures taken today between Conference Sessions by our good friend Kevin Beeson. I don't have the official pictures back from him yet, but here's a few sneak peak ones I snagged with my own camera.

Little Diva!

If you say the word "pose" to Carrie, this is what she immediately does. I love it :)

I love her giggles :)

There were several points in the "photo shoot" where Carrie lost interest and wanted to be done. I was amazed, but we coaxed her back into taking pictures four or five times! One of those times, our tactic was have Carrie take a picture of Kevin taking a picture of her! So here's the shot she got!

I'm excited to see the finished products! I'm going to have to find a new wall to hang kid pictures on in my house, I'm running out of room for all our adorable pictures!!

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Coleen said...

Cute! I love her giggles too. Happy Easter everyone! Enjoy your little "get away" too!!!!