Sunday, October 24, 2010

All in a Day's Work

Carrie has always loved to play in the DVD cabinet, but the last few days, she's been much more orderly about it. She used to just yank all the movies off the shelf and throw them in a heap on the floor. Recently, she's been building towers instead. Really really tall towers. My favorite thing is usually after about 5 or 10 minutes she starts singing "clean up, clean up" and putting them away (without any prompting from me!)

She loves to pack up her baby stroller with toys and "go to work". Purse, sunglasses, water, cell phone etc... She'll get everything loaded up, turn to us and say, "Bye! See'ya!" and walk away!

Last week we bought a security door for the back. As the weather's been getting nicer, I've been wishing I could keep the door open without getting a house full of bugs. Solution found!

We convinced our friend Cameron to come help Justin put it up.

Unfortunately, after about half an hour of drills and muscles, nothing was happening. They couldn't get the one-way screws to go in further than about 1/2 an inch....

We gave up and decided just to call Lowes the next day and spend the money to have someone come professionally install it.

Lucky for us though, when Justin finally read through all the instructions, we discovered that one-way screws require a special drill bit attachment. We didn't have to call Lowes after all. Instead, Justin ran to Ace, picked up the bit and the next day....

After a LOT of hard work... Tah-dah!! Now I can leave the back door open and enjoy the awesome 75 degree breeze blowing into my kitchen!!
It's been amazing! We haven't turned on the A/C all week!!


Brittney said...

It looks like things are going well. Nice door and adorable daughter.

The Gatherers said...

oh you are so luck to have 75 degree weather, it was 38 here in utah yesterday!