Sunday, October 10, 2010

**Brandon & Marissa**

We had quite the busy, fun weekend!

Friday afternoon Carrie and I drove up to Mesa and while my Grandma babysat, I got more pregnancy bloodwork done. All my labs are normal, including the yucky sickly sweet very un-fun 1 hour glucose tolerance test that checks for gestational diabetes. After picking Justin up from work, we all got ready for the big event of the evening.... Brandon's baptism!

It was beautiful and there were plenty of family and friends there, including Brandon's non-member brother and parents. From what I saw, I think they could feel the Spirit very strongly and enjoyed the experience. Brandon's dad told me he's glad Brandon is so happy. I'm glad he's happy too. And I'm glad he makes my little sister so happy. :)

Especially considering the special event that happened on Saturday... Brandon and Marissa's wedding!

What a looooong day it was! At least it was fun! In the morning we (the bride and bridesmaids) went and got matching pedicures.
By the time we were done with that it was about 11 and time to haul all the dresses, makeup, curling irons, hairspray etc. over to my aunt's house to get ready.

We set up "bridal camp" in her massive bathroom and spent the whole afternoon helping each other get ready. While we were getting our pedicures earlier, the boys set up all the chairs and tables and then went back to my parents house to hang out and watch football all day! Boys have wedding days so much easier!!

All the girls ready for the ceremony to start

The wedding was in the backyard and everything was so beautiful! Carrie was a flower girl along with our friend Allie Beeson (9 years old). Carrie walked from the house to the back of the aisle just fine holding Allie's hand. When they got to the aisle and Allie started to drop flower petals though, Carrie totally froze. She just stood at the back of the chairs looking super cute, but very confused. After a few seconds one of our friends stood up from her chair and took Carrie's hand guiding her up to the front where Justin was waiting on the front row.

My dad and my baby sister walking down the aisle. Doesn't she look so excited?!

We got lucky and all week it had been rainy so the weather cooled off very nicely, but it didn't rain on us that day. After the ceremony we took pictures and had dinner and the reception. (I feel like I spent a majority of the reception slicing and serving up cheesecake in the kitchen, but it was sure yummy!)

The Bridesmaids getting a little goofy by the end of the night

These last two are bridal shots that were taken a couple of weeks ago

Like I said, it was really busy, but really fun! And now we have a new brother-in-law! And Carrie has her new "Uncle Boo-boo" (she came up with that one all on her own). Congratulations to Brandon and Marissa Smith!!


Haylee said...

I don't know how I missed when you posted these. I was hoping you were going to post some soon. It looks like it was a great day. Marissa makes a beautiful bride.

Brown Family! said...

So fun!! :) I love those last pics of Marissa!

The Gatherers said...

Oh she looks beautiful! Congratulations!