Thursday, October 21, 2010

Daddy-Daughter Bonding

It's October, and that means.... Baseball playoff season! We've been watching a LOT of baseball around here. Over the past few years I've come to accept that just because "your team" isn't in the playoffs doesn't mean you can't watch. In fact, I've come to enjoy watching baseball very much, and I'm extremely impressed with myself over all the teams, players, trivia facts etc. I've picked up on.

Carrie is getting a much earlier start on her love of baseball than I did. Justin will ask Carrie, "Do you want to come sit with Daddy and watch baseball?"

Her response is almost always a vigorous, "YEAH!!!!!", as she runs over to climb on the couch and starts chanting, "Bisba, bisba!"

So the other day I snagged a cute pic of them lounging together watching the Yankees/Rangers.

I asked her to give Daddy a hug,

and then a kiss.
So cute. :) I sure love these two!!