Monday, October 4, 2010

Garage Sale Goodies & Sneaky Sleeper

I got to start my Saturday by going garage sale-ing with my friend Corynn. I'm a total rookie, but she's a pro. We left around 6:15 and were home a couple hours later with some great purchases.

Brigham: A few shirts, pants, and a sweatsuit that will be the perfect size for next winter.
My favorite :)

Carrie: she actually got a few other t-shirts too which she's already worn this weekend and now they're sitting in the laundry.

Justin: I'm so proud of this jacket. It's (fake) sheep/lamb fuzzy lining inside, and corduroy outside. Aeropostale. $3.00. :)

Rebecca: 3 boxes of PLASTIC Christmas tree ornaments for $1.50. There are some that won't match "my style", but I'll sift through and find the keepers.

My most exciting find of the day.... a wagon! I've been wanting one for a while, but they're so darn expensive to buy when they're new! I just need to spray it with the hose, give it a little wipe down and it'll be perfect! The seats fold flat if I want them to. It was my huge splurge of the morning; $15.00. I figured I'd be really mad at myself later if I didn't get it though. I'm excited!

When we got home with our hauls, we had Cameron, Corynn & Jake over for waffles and to watch General Conference. We were all fed physically and spiritually! And it was all really really good!

Between sessions, I went back to the Payne's house to scrounge through their scrap wood and had Cameron build me a little bench. When I brought it back home, Justin helped me paint, pad and upholster it. Tah-dah! A little climbing helper step for Carrie's bed. We'd had the trundle mattress pulled out from under the bed about a foot. It worked fine, but didn't look so great. This new cute little bench is both functional and fashionable! (see the pattern of the fabric below) And it's zip-tied to the bed frame so it won't tip over when she climbs up and down.
And now on to our hilarious story from Saturday night. We drove up to Mesa for Justin to go to Priesthood session with my dad and brothers, and for Carrie and I to go out to dinner with my mom and sister. We stayed the night at their house since we were going to be there all day Sunday.

We put Carrie down to bed around 8:00 and were all sitting in the family room watching TV. We were trying to figure out the DVR to record Conference for the next day and funky things kept happening to the TV. The channel would change, or the recording option would jump when my mom hadn't touched anything etc... For several minutes we just couldn't figure out why it was acting so weird!

Justin suddenly remembered sometimes the upstairs remote can mess things up if someone's trying to use them both at the same time. He went upstairs to investigate.... We'd put Carrie to bed in the TV room upstairs.

She had climbed out of her pack'n'play, onto the couch and was sitting there pushing buttons on the remote when Justin found her. Mystery solved!!

It seemed a LOT funnier then than it does right now typing it, but anyways..... :)

We hung out with my family on Sunday, ate yummy chocolate and cinnamon pastry things for breakfast and our traditional scones for dinner. We make navajo tacos with them first, then top them with jam/honey/cinnamon for dessert. One of the best things about being pregnant is if you eat a big meal, it doesn't matter because your belly is already big!

Carrie is talking up a storm. Next post, I'll try to update on some of the new things she's saying and doing. Until then....


austin&kaitie said...

Wow, you are so creative! I wish I were! I love reading about all your fun, new projects. Keep them coming!

Aubri said...

I love reading your posts, you have such cool ideas! That climbing bench is GREAT! :-) And way to be a frugalista with your cheap and stylish garage sale finds! :-D

Alysha Smith said...

Im going to send you clothes for Brigham as Rugby out grows them. When I get things together, I have a box of cute clothes 18-24 mos I will send you for Carrie. It has a pumpkin costume if you want to use that for Halloween :)

Coleen said...

The wagon is adorable, that will be perfect for "walks". I also think the clothes were a great find for everyone too.
The bench is cute and a perfect idea. You are very clever!
I do love the story about the remote. Carrie is very smart and didn't know she was "messing" with people downstairs, but just having fun. too cute!

Brittney said...

That is a pretty funny story!!! Great finds at the garage sale.

Liana said...

totally jealous about the wagon, i want one too! but you can't find stuff like that here in the burg at garage sales. :)