Wednesday, October 13, 2010

More About Brigham

I had a doctor's appointment today with an ultrasound. Because my grandparents are still in town from Brandon and Marissa's wedding, my grandpa babysat while my mom and grandma came with me to the appointment.

The ultrasound estimated Brigham's current weight at 1lb, 15oz. Overall he's measuring in the 32nd percentile, which is pretty much what we have come to expect. We have just slightly smaller than average babies. :)

He's very very active and was wiggling his toes and sticking out his tongue during the ultrasound. As of today, he was breech. Last time he was head down, the time before he was breech..... I think he just likes to move a lot. He'll keep us guessing!

The doctor I saw is one of the ones that is a little higher specialty and works in the Maternal Fetal Centers at the hospitals too. He gave us the ups and downs of Brigham's prognosis.

*Average survival with a diaphragmatic hernia: 50%

*When chromosomes are normal (like Brigham's): 70-80%

*Lung-to-Head ratio of 1.02 (good but not fabulous): 65-70%

*Tip of liver starting to angle toward the hernia: 60-65%

So as of now, Brigham's chances are better than average, but still not super fantastic. We'll just deal with it as we go I guess!

I'm on a little bit of a roller coaster about all this. I know I usually seem pretty under control, but I occasionally have a bad day where I just worry uncontrollably. There's nothing I can do and that frustrates me. I wish I could fix this. I wish everything was ok.

Justin made a good point though. No matter what the end outcome, Brigham is making our family stronger. We are learning more and more to have faith, say sincere prayers, trust the power of the Priesthood and rely on our Heavenly Father.

As we get closer to Brigham's arrival, I get more and more anxious to meet our sweet, active little boy. He feels like a fighter already! :)

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The Gatherers said...

You are in my prayers Rebecca, you are so strong, and will make it through no matter what. Just trust that your Heavenly Father knows and loves both of you, and that He does have a plan for your family. Good luck and keep us informed.