Friday, October 15, 2010

Dinner & Dessert

Carrie LOVES to help with dinner! Anytime she sees me at the stove, or kitchen island she runs to get a stool, pushes it over and begs "Up? Up?". She is very independent and I have to remind her that "Mommy has to help too", when she wants to pour or mix everything by herself.

Making a salad:

On Thursday night, our Relief Society activity was all about cake decorating. We had one sister teach us about filling and frosting, one teach about shaping cakes, and one teach about fondant. Then we separated into teams and had a decorating contest.

My team ended up making the green M&M girl. She started out as a green monster (in honor of Halloween being so close), but as we went along, she looked more like the M&M girl, so we gave her big lips, high heels and called it good!!

The winning team and our prize, matching cupcake aprons! (Gotta love how it accentuates my suddenly huge 27 1/2 week belly!)

My enthusiasm has been refueled and I'm excited to make fun cakes for holidays, birthdays etc!

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Brittney said...

You look cute with a big pregnant belly!!! You're getting closer. Cute cake and aprons. It's nice that Carrie likes to cook, that might come in handy in the future.