Thursday, October 7, 2010

Carrie has a Boyfriend

One of Carrie's best friends is Jake, our neighbor a few houses down the street. It also just so happens that we get along very well with his parents and therefore, see a lot of each others' families. On Tuesday this week, we had a FULL day of playing together (kids and moms). We did a pumpkin painting project in the morning and while the kids were napping, we went crazy on the sewing machine.

They have faces for Halloween, and the back side is plain so come November 1st, I'll just turn them around for Thanksgiving decorations!

Climbing, digging, and getting all scratched up in the old garden

"Look mom! We both fit in the dog kennel!"

"Maybe we'll just hang out in here a little while"

Playing in the sandbox
Sand, sand, sand.... Everywhere... Well, it started out as a good hair day....
Playing climbing, digging, doggies, and sand with boys is sure different than playing necklaces, dolls, and lip gloss with girls! But Carrie loves it all!!

She's loving everyone else's backyards and starting to really hate our backyard; Hard dirt and dry prickly weeds, which means she can really only play on the patio. We will hopefully be landscaping it soon! The weather is FINALLY cooling off a tiny bit and Carrie would be outside all day every day if we had a yard!


Aubri said...

I love the sandy-head... it's so cute! Even though it means they need a bath, kids are so stinkin' precious when they're covered in dirt. I'm sure that perspective might change when it's my kids that need bathing... but I just think they're so cute!

Alysha Smith said...

She is getting sooo big! I cant believe it!