Saturday, September 24, 2011

Brunch and Broadcast

Justin and my dad share a birthday. My parents took us out to dinner on Thursday (their actual birthday). Then to celebrate my dad's 50th (?!?!) we had brunch today at Denny's with all my siblings, and their spouses and kids.

Carrie LOVES stuffed animal crane machines (what kid doesn't?) My brother Jake happens to be strangely talented at winning. So we tried a couple times. No luck. The cooperative ones had already been picked. Of course Carrie talked Auntie Rissa into trying again while we were waiting for our food. No luck again.... :(

I don't know if that's what caused her bad mood, but she was a little grumpy the rest of the morning. (Grandma, Isac, Carrie [look at her grumpy face], Auntie Marissa, Grandpa, and Rose.)

Grandpa, Jake, Kandis, Rose and Kevin (obviously these pictures were not taken immediately one right after the other because Rose is being held by a different person in each of them) And I didn't realize until just now that somehow I didn't get a picture of our Bro-in-law Brandon.... He was there too...

I think by this point in the weekend Justin was a little "done" with me taking his picture....

Later in the afternoon Justin got to go to another Dbacks game with a coworker who had an extra ticket (I was very jealous). That meant I got to go to the General Relief Society Broadcast with my mom and sister. I was kind of ho-hum about going at first because I was disappointed I wasn't at the Dbacks game, but I'm glad I went! It was amazing!

I think I'm going to try to coin "Uchtdorf" as synonymous with words like "amazing", "wonderful", "remarkable", "incredible" etc..... Anybody second my motion?! To watch President Uchtdorf's entire talk, click here.

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