Sunday, September 18, 2011

Having Fun with Friends (Even though BYU lost)

First off, Happy Belated Birthday to my mom! Her birthday was yesterday and while we were at their house on Thursday, we threw an impromptu birthday party for her. I made cupcakes of course. Devil's food cake & peanut butter frosting using vanilla yogurt as the base, yummy!

Yesterday, we spent most of the day outside working on various parts of the yard. While Justin worked on fixing leaks in the drip system and I trimmed the bushes, Carrie chilled in the shade and played with chalk (and made an adorable smiley face when she caught me taking a picture of her)

Then we headed over to some friends for a BYU/Utah Football BBQ party!

Our friend Cori decided to be funny and make this half-offensive shirt. Pretty crafty huh?

The kids all munched on hot dogs outside (made clean-up awesome!)

And then played and played and played, until we all dragged them home to go to bed.

I got the kids to pose together for me

Sadly, by the time we were rounding up the kids to go home at halftime, the score was looking pretty dismal already. We DVR'd it while we were getting Carrie into bed and grumblingly watched the second half in fast forward. Definitely a disappointment. My extended family has a group on; Last week my score pick earned me 48/50 points. This week-- 0/50..... Better Luck next week boys!

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