Monday, September 26, 2011

Too Much Playing Can Tire You Out!

Carrie has discovered her shadow, and it's adorable. She thinks it's so funny to watch it wiggle around when she does. Her favorite is first thing in the morning as we come down the stairs for breakfast. Our big second story windows in the living room cast perfect light for playing with our shadows.

In other random news, today was my first day back teaching piano lessons! I taught all through high school and loved it, but then nursing school, moving, and babies have kept me pretty busy the last few years. I'm back in action though and I'm excited! Shortly before my first student was to arrive, I was making sure the house was decently cleaned up and I went to give the piano a quick once-over with a rag. This is what I found.

In case you can't tell, there are little marbles set on all the keys. Carrie got out our Mancala game a few days ago and is in love with all the shiny colorful marbles. Apparently she found a great way to have them all on display!

In her fun-filled day of playing, she didn't take a nap (Well, I didn't force her to have quiet time in her room in hopes that she'd fall asleep....) Anyways, she was watching a movie upstairs while I did lessons. And the need for a nap finally caught up with her. At 5:30pm.....

We decided we didn't care that her nap was so late. She naps so infrequently now that we'll take whatever we can get! I finally woke her up about 6:30 so she would still go to bed at a decent hour though!

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