Friday, September 23, 2011

The Only Good Thing About the Giants

Brian Wilson....
Do you see that beard?! It's ridiculous! In a good way. I love it. And because I love it so much I've looked up a few "Brian Wilson's Beard" jokes to share. These few are from the beginning of Seth Meyer's opening monologue at this year's ESPY's.

"Welcome to all those in attendance, the millions watching at home, and the millions more watching from Brian Wilson's beard"...."Some pitchers have goatee's. Brian Wilson has an entire goat"...."It looks like your beard is wearing a fake beard"

Anyways, the point of bringing up the Giants is that we went to the Diamondbacks game tonight where they beat the Giants and clinched the NL West Division! It was a blast! Here's the view from our FREE seats!

It was a close game until the Dbacks got a 2 run triple late in the game. We ended up winning 3-1. And man was everyone excited!!

The team swarming together on the field.

Yeah! The Dbacks won!

Division Champs!

And then it was time to head home. On the Metro.... HOLY CROWDED.... I'm pretty sure it was filled far past capacity, but people kept packing in. And I'd say probably 90% of them were totally drunk.....

We were SOOO squished!

The overly excited, overly wasted Dbacks fans were cheering and chanting WAY too loud, the whole way home. Mostly it was just annoying, they'd be chanting, "Let's go Dbacks!" or "Go home Giants!", or "ASU! ASU!" Some chants were just plain dumb, like "Let's get wasted!".... I remember thinking "you can already check that one off your list....."

Then it got really bad. I almost got myself beat up. In the moment, I didn't care though. Amongst the crowded train were 4 kids jammed together right next to us. One of them was autistic and all the crowding and chanting was making him super nervous and panicky. The crowd started chanting "F#*@%$* the Giants!" At headache-inducing volume.

I'd had enough. I jumped up on the chair toward the guy who had started that one and pounded his chest as hard as I could with my fist. I was MAD! I yelled right in his face, "HEY! That is UNNECESSARY! QUIT it!! There are KIDS on this train!!" Somehow they were completely oblivious to the four traumatized kids that were crammed only 18 inches away from them. Luckily they stopped chanting and I didn't get pummeled by drunk baseball fans.

Anyways, Mill Avenue (the station in the heart of ASU's campus) couldn't come fast enough. It was the longest train ride of my life. Lesson to my kids, my friends, my friends' kids, my siblings, everyone!.... Alcohol can very quickly turn perfectly nice decent people into inconsiderate jerks. Just saying.... Soapbox speech over....It was a good thing the Dbacks won so we still had something to be happy about!!


Corynn said...

I'm glad you punched him!!

Taylor and Kristin Williams said...
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Brittney said...

wow, I'm impressed that you had the guts to stand up to that guy like that. Good for you!!

Stephanie said...

I'm truly in LOVE and I mean IN LOVE with Brian Wilson!!! haha!!!! (it's all good, Dan knows!! haha)