Monday, September 12, 2011

Fun Project Idea

I recently decided to play the role of "crafty mom" and help Carrie make a maraca to play with.
The supplies I used were:
2 pieces of blank paper
1 empty paper towel roll
1/2 cup dry rice
random buttons and stickers
glue gun
felt circles
rubber bands

Decorate the paper, color, stick on stickers, glue-gun some buttons and/or bows on etc.

Wrap the picture around the roll and tape it in place

Put a felt circle over one edge and use a rubber band to hold it on

Then crumple the other piece of paper a little and stuff it inside the paper towel roll and carefully pour the dry rice inside

Lastly, put the other felt circle on and put the rubber band on to keep it secure

Tah-dah! A fun new "shaker" toy!

This has absolutely no relation to the project, I just thought it was funny. A couple days ago, while at my parents' house, Carrie had gotten her clothes all dirty. While they were getting washed, she sat in her diaper and watched a movie on a portable DVD player, complete with her own headphones. She thought it was so special to have her own little personal movie set-up.

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Coleen said...

That is adorable. She loved having the TV/VCR setup in the bedroom at our house where she slept, so she could watch Cinderally endlessly while "resting".