Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wish We had a Pool

This morning, Carrie woke up complaining that "her tummy was sick". She snacked on a waffle and sipped water for a couple hours, just vegging on the couch. But that was it. Once she finally started acting like herself around 11, I went to do something in the other room. She found her swimming floaties in the closet and started shrieking excitedly about going swimming.

Since we don't have a pool, I told her that maybe we could go swimming at Grandma and Grandpa's this weekend. She seemed ok with that answer and went off to play again. A few minutes later she walked in the room and said, "I'm ready to go swimming!!" She'd taken off her own pajamas and put on her swimming suit, floaties, and hat.

So now she's running around the house in her swimming suit.... :) Whatever..... As I was reading over my post from a couple days ago about how she loves her shadow, I happened to turn around and see her doing this.
Jumping on the couch in the spot of sunshine still barely coming in through those second story windows and enjoying watching her shadow jump with her. Oh yeah, and she's also holding two pairs of panties.... When she went looking for her swimming suit in her dresser, she also found her panties. These two are her favorites because they have polka dots on them, and they match each other. (I wish I could report that meant she was potty trained, but nope. Still not yet. She's just not quite into it yet and I'm not going to make all our lives a living heck again. It'll happen soon enough.)

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Coleen said...

She's adorable, that about sums it up.