Saturday, October 1, 2011

Conference Saturday

We had quite a full day of fun today. We started out by watching General Conference, which was awesome! Then my mom, sister and I went to get pedicures.

I had meant to take a picture of us while we were sitting in the chairs, but I forgot.... So all I got was this, my pretty design.

We got back just in time for the second Conference session. The boys went out to dinner and then Priesthood session and the girls out to dinner together. Right before we left for dinner we all realized our kids needed diaper changes. Unplanned, we ended up changing their diapers all at the same time. It was too funny not to snap a picture of.

I took my camera with us, but of course, once we got there, I forgot to take a picture again. Suffice it to say it was a mediocre night. The food was good, but it took forever to come. Carrie hadn't been feeling well that morning, just a little tummy ache. While waiting for our food, it got to the point where she was in tears at the restaurant because she was so hungry and her tummy hurt so much... And then came the best part. The waitress was complimenting my mom on all her cute grandkids when she turned to me and asked, "And are we expecting another one over here?"......... Ummm, no.... Thanks for asking....

Really?! I don't understand why people ask things like that! I know I have a little muffin top chub going on, but I certainly don't look pregnant! Anyways, we had a good time despite Carrie's tears and the waitress without a filter between her brain and her mouth. Just to make sure the night would end well, we stopped by the grocery store to pick up some triple chocolate fudge ice cream on the way home ;)

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