Sunday, October 2, 2011

I Have To Do My Work First

Last night I went to find Carrie to put her to bed. I found her in my parents room and said, "Come on, it's time to go have prayer and go to bed!" She looked at me very seriously and said, "Mom, I have to do my work first. Just a minute OK?"

She then proceeded to climb onto my dad's desk chair and up to his computer. She started clicking and scrolling away with the mouse. She found my dad's reading glasses and put them on, but I think they hurt her eyes, so she figured they would still be useful just sitting on the desk.

She tried to treat the desktop monitor like a touch screen.... :)

And of course when she discovered I was taking pictures, she had to ham it up for the camera!

A couple other funny things she's said lately:

"It's only the best I've ever seen!!" That means she really really wants it; could be a movie, cereal, a stuffed animal etc. I don't know where she learned this.

When Justin called my parents' dog and she ran away instead of coming to him, Carrie looked at him and very seriously said, "She doesn't trust you". Again, no idea where she learned this one.... Truly...

"Rooster! Come out, come out wherever you are!!" (Calling out the back door for the dog). AGAIN, don't know where she learned this!

I love wondering when she'll say the next thing that just plain baffles and amazes me!

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