Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cinderella's Royal Family

Last night was our Ward Halloween party! I know you've all been looking forward to seeing our costumes.... So... here you go! Cinderella's Royal Family!!

Out of nowhere, I decided Carrie should be Cinderella for Halloween. I've been planning it for MONTHS.... Seriously, I would lay awake at night thinking of how to construct the dress to perfection....

And who's Cinderella without her Prince Charming? (His outfit? Old white shirt, workout pants, gold satin and hot glue.... lots of hot glue.....)

Even though I've been planning this for months, and bought everything to make our costumes a good 6 weeks ago.... I did almost NO work on them until this week.... Most of it was done Thursday night. That's right, the night before the ward party I stayed up until 2:30am finishing our costumes.... Luckily, I was in good company. My friend Corynn had plenty to craft too, and she let me stay at her place til the wee morning hours and use her husband as my "dress form" to hot glue some of Justin's costume together...

These are the mini spider-web cupcakes I made for the cakewalk booth the Primary Presidency was in charge of at the ward party. The spiders on them are little plastic rings, so the kids got a treat and a toy :)

Just chilling with Daddy/Prince Charming after a long 2 1/2 rounds around the cultural hall "t

And just because, here's a few of our friends and their awesome costumes:

Corey, Liz, and Ben as a Super Mario Bros Family

Cori as a web, and Jazlyn as a spider

Indi as Rapunzel and Isaiah as Spiderman (his mom tried to talk him in to being Flynn Rider, but to no avail...)

Everett as Perry the Platypus.... If you don't know who that is, you should watch more Disney Channel......

One of the Missionaries as.... an Angry Bird?... I think?.... No wait, I got it! Literally, just now as I was looking at the picture... He's a minion, from "Despicable Me".... :)

If he was really trying to be an Angry Bird, he should have taken a hint from Kai....

Carrie trick or treating to our home teacher and his wife. (No that's not his real hair) ;)

The kids playing the cakewalk.

We had a blast! I love indoor Halloween :) Now I better get started thinking about what we should be next year, it's going to sneak up on me before I know it!! I hope this won't jinx it, but I REALLY hope we have another little family member to dress up with us next Halloween....

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Brittney said...

Wow, those are seriously incredible costumes you made for your family. Very elaborate. Way to go!!!