Thursday, October 27, 2011


I know by the looks of Carrie's wardrobe, you'd think it was snowing or something, but nope. Just 54 degrees. We're freezing!! Although once we get all bundled up, it's the perfect weather to go for a jog in. It's one of Carrie's favorite things lately. Lucky for me, when she asks, it's usually so cute, I can't say no, and I get a workout in the process. :)

(Quick bragging moment, I crocheted that beanie! And I love it! Carrie hated it for about a week, and then suddenly begged to wear it. I was so excited because it looks so stinkin' cute on her!)

About halfway through our jog, I wasn't really jogging anymore... I was totally walking... Cheater cheater, I know.... Anyways, I guess Carrie was serious when she said she wanted to go on a jog; She asked me if she could get out of the stroller to run "super-fast"

She ran almost the entire way back home. I was thoroughly impressed. Looks like I have a little jogging buddy now!

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The Gatherers said...

I'm so behind on your blog, I couldn't believe how much you've updated since I read last. Your family is just so sweet, I love reading about what you're up to. You are seriously talented too, I don't know how you find time to do all that you do and all your projects come out so great! You look great by the way!