Monday, October 17, 2011

It's Not Dark Outside, It's Happy!

That's Carrie's new favorite way to wake me up in the morning. She'll yell out, "Mommy!" and when I come into her room, she's points to the window and says, "See mommy?! It's not dark outside! It's happy!!!" Adorable and profound all at the same time....

And just because I don't have any pictures to go with that story, here's a couple recent random ones. Carrie holding up Flat Steven and a picture she drew for Halloween. Yes, I know you can't see the picture, but you can see her, and she's the cutest part about this picture, so enjoy :)

Also, last night, my youngest brother Jake had his Eagle Court of Honor! We're proud of him and the awesome example he is to Carrie.

Seriously.... Awesome.


Mrs. Jaybird said...

I remember when Jake was a baby! And I remember when my mom told me he had to get surgery to fix a cleft lip I was so worried. What a young man he has grown up to be!

Stephanie said...

Love seeing her with FLAT STEVEN!!! Too cute!!! And WAY TO GO JAKE!!!!!!