Wednesday, October 12, 2011

San Diego!

What a weekend! We got home last night from our trip to San Diego with my family! Here's oodles of pictures from our trip!

Carrie and "Flat Steven" in the courtyard at our hotel. (Flat Steven is a project for our cousin Steven who's in Kindergarten in Utah. "Flat Steven" came to visit us in the mail. We've had him for about a week and we get to take pictures with him of places we go and things we do, and then send him back so real Steven can give a report to his class!)

Grandma and Grandpa LaPray, and Grandma Lori

Monday we headed to the San Diego Zoo! Before we even went through the front gate we saw an elephant!

We decided the bus tour would be a great way to see most of the Zoo without getting to hot or tired. (Don't we look cute?! I love this picture!!)

The Elephants were Carrie's favorite part! She got soooo excited to see them! And she makes the cutest little elephant sound imitation ;)

Getting tickly hugs from Auntie Rissa on the bus

Some of the gang walking around. With us were, my parents, one set of grandparents, my sister Marissa (w/ husband and baby), my brother Kevin (w/ wife and baby), my brother Jake, my pseudo sister Alex (w/ baby).... Two full double strollers! (If you look really closely, you can see Carrie picking her nose.... I didn't see that at the time)

Carrie playing with Flat Steven during our lunch break

Trying to get a cute pic with Grandma, Carrie, and Mommy. But Carrie wouldn't look, stinker!!

Almost the only picture I got of Justin all day where he wasn't making a goofy face. Isn't he handsome?!

A long day at the zoo will certainly make you tired, especially if you're two years old...

Justin and Flat Steven riding the "Skyfari" tram. The Zoo is enormous!! And so gorgeous from above!

Carrie rode in the tram just before us, with my parents. This was our view on the way down!

Waving hello from the tram

Making friends with a gorilla statue (probably because she wants its banana) ;)

Poking up through the ice with a (fake) seal

Giving hugs to the polar bear statue

Panda bears!

Carrie's loot from the gift shop. A panda t-shirt and a panda puzzle. When she "opened her present", she held up the puzzle and asked us, "Where did you get this?". We replied, "From the gift shop." She thought for a second and said, "Oh... well, you can take it back to the gift shop, I don't need it"..... It was hilarious! (And no, we didn't take it back. It was like $3, and we knew she'd love it eventually)

She crashed in the stroller right as we were about to leave. 6 hours at the zoo?.... We were all tired...

But not tired enough to miss out on the Mormon Battalion Museum. (Thanks Brian and Kristan for the suggestion!) Grandma LaPray stayed at the hotel with the sleeping babies while the rest of us trekked out to the museum. It was so cool!

Jake got to dress up like one of the battalion members. From what I hear, that gun is super heavy!

At the end of the tour, we all got to pan for gold. Wish it wasn't fools gold, we found a lot...

We got a commemorative museum picture too!

Then we headed to the San Diego Temple to see it all lit up at night.

We were back the next day though, because....

My Sister Marissa, Brother-in-law Brandon, and Nephew Isac, were sealed together as a family for all Eternity!!!

We're so proud of them for reaching this goal! Congrats Smith family! We loved being a part of your special day! Thanks for giving us a reason to have a family vacation to San Diego! ;)

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