Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I Love You 18!

The other night as I was putting Carrie to bed she said, "I love you mommy", and started softly patting my cheek (it was adorable). I said, "I love you too sweetie". The little smartie pants that she is, responded, "I love you three!"

I thought, what a fun game! How cute is this?! So I said, "I love you... FOUR!" Her reply this time?, "I love you..... THREE!!!" She thought saying three still made her win.... :) Anyways, last night she did it again, so I started throwing out random higher numbers to see if she could catch the point of the game. When I told her, "I love you 17", she thought for a second and finally said, "I love you..... 18!! I WIN!!!"

It was fabulous. I love her! I usually lay by her every night for a few minutes before saying goodnight. One of her other favorite things to do is roll toward me and "snuggle my face". She'll touch her forehead to mine and reach to hold my hand. (It's one of my favorite things too) ON rare occasion, if I'm lucky, she'll fall asleep this way. In that little moment, she's a teeny baby again. Sometimes it seems like she is just growing up too fast!!

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